The Duolingo of Math

A private tutoring experience, for free, for elementary and high school students


The exercises adapt to you

If you get it right the level will rise, if it's not your day it will drop, so you feel confortable to nail what's bogging you down

  • Free

    The free version has ads. The content is the same for everyone, whether you pay or not

  • Understand, don't learn by heart

    Do you learn or memorise? If you memorise you'll have to study all over again every year

  • Learn by doing

    Learn by solving exercises. Theory will only come when you get stuck

  • Gaming design

    Are you studying or playing? You'll see how time flies

Flexible courses, at your own pace

  • Watch your grades skyrocket

    You'll go from feeling forced to study to being driven by curiosity to learn

  • Improve your self-confidence

    Validate your knowledge. If you miss a question, we explain you why


  • — This site is great! It's super intuitive and easy to use, I wish all my homework was this way. Sometimes it even gets you hooked

    Amy — Freshmen

  • — It helped me a lot in Math. I'm a bit upset that it wasn't invented earlier, I discovered it just as I was finishing high school :,(

    Charles — Senior

  • — Truth is this was great for my exams, everything is already done and you just have to keep clicking. I really like it

    Erika — Junior