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HiSchool is a personalized learning app that helps students aged 12-19 (high school) in Mathematics to have an experience similar to that of a private teacher, for free and from any device.

HiSchool is divided into 3 sections: in the "Learning" section you choose the subject you want to learn. In the "Test" section you review the topics you choose with exercises or a test exam. In the "Solve" section we help you to solve the exercise you tell us step by step

In any of the sections, if you fail a question, we explain what you have failed and why, and we review the concepts that you have not understood well. The theory is only shown as much as necessary to encourage interactivity and learning by doing.

That's exactly what we've created this app for. If you're struggling with a particular concept, topic or type of exercise, or just want to review for an exam, you can do it in HiSchool.

We give you a much easier and more enjoyable way to learn, where we do all the work of organizing the content and exercises and you just focus on learning. You save time and learn much more every time you study,

Each person is different and we can't guarantee that everyone who uses HiSchool will improve their grades, but what we are sure of is that you will have a much better chance of achieving it.

"Test" section is a knowledge validator for you to review with exercises and exams for your next test. Select your course and the topics you want to review, HiSchool will prepare a series of exercises and problems for the topics you have chosen.

You can set your test in review mode, so that when you fail a question it will explain what you have failed and why at that moment, or in exam mode, where it will tell you your failures when you have finished answering all the questions, along with your grade. You can also choose the proportion of questions in each topic.

The "Solve" section helps you with the exercises and homework you need. You focus the camera or write down an exercise or problem, and HiSchool helps you solve it step by step. It's like the "Learn" section but with the exercise you tell it to.

But we're not just going to give you the solution. We are going to guide you through the exercise by dividing it into smaller problems following a method, so that you can solve it step by step.

The "Learn" section has all the content of your course organized. Choose the topic you want to learn; HiSchool will teach you the topic step by step and propose increasingly difficult exercises so that you can assimilate the concepts and learn new ones. If you get stuck, we help you and explain where you have failed, and why.

Our personalized learning algorithm learns from your mistakes and successes to propose the most appropriate exercises and explanations for your progress. We create the most effective method adapted to you, with an experience similar to that of a private teacher.

HiSchool teaches all ESO and Bachillerato Mathematics (ages 12-19).

Whether you're struggling to pass or you want your grades to be even better, we believe HiSchool can help you. We were born to solve these problems:

The current education system is boring, rigid and forced, which demotivates you. Everyone is taught the same way, instead of individualizing. It condemns mistakes instead of taking advantage of them to learn and grow. Creativity and curiosity are stifled instead of encouraged. This leads to:

1) You have no one to explain exercises and concepts you don't understand when you need it, or you don't ask for fear of making a mistake.

2) When you study for an exam, you look up and prepare exercises and mock exams. If you fail a question you have to research what you failed and why and figure it out on your own.

3) When you want to learn a subject you look in many different places. You have to search, select, understand, and finally practice with exercises

In all these cases you invest a lot of time for few results, which helps to demotivate you. The whale that bites its tail. Do you feel identified?

HiSchool is and will always remain free, with the same content and the same opportunities for everyone, regardless of your situation.

We are in DEMO phase, testing the idea to see if it has acceptance among students. We are not storing any personal data right now.

You can't log in or register, so we don't know anything about you. What's more, if you reload the page or press F5 all your progress and information will be lost.

Whatever you tell us, who is going to use the app is you, do you have any suggestions? Follow us on Instagram and MD with your ideas!